LifestyleAmbition – New collection coming soon
Ambition - New collection coming soon

Ambition – New collection coming soon


t occurred to me that ambition is used in both good and bad contexts in human narratives. My whole life has been accompanied by the epithet of ambitious... girl, student, volleyball player, pianist, sister, friend, mother, employee, daughter-in-law, etc.

She is ambitious, you could see that in her since childhood, that’s why she made it this far.

She is ambitious, that’s why she is cold in business relations, she is focused only on her own progress. She is ambitious, she has a wonderful future ahead of her. She is ambitious, she does not give up in the face of obstacles. She is ambitious, so she works too much. She is an ambitious and cultured young lady who can get along with everyone. She is ambitious and has come a long way. If she had been less ambitious, she wouldn’t have missed this or that.

Ambition - New collection coming soon

Is it ambition that drives women in Serbia to free themselves from all restraints and brakes towards the best version of themselves, or is it ambition that holds us back from being free and satisfied in all spheres of life?

What is the clothing style of an ambitious woman in Serbia?

< class="qodef-m-title" style="margin-right: 0px" > Is ambition a burden or a strength?

The new collection of the Mokoš brand finds its inspiration precisely in this characteristic of women. Mokoš decided to shape female ambition into strict forms while exposing it with risky details. Somehow it happens that way, women’s ambition is still often not supported by the wider social environment, sometimes even resented by friends, caricatured by well-known caregivers, incomprehensible by those closest to you. On the other hand, ambition is most often undermined, challenged and nurtured both in female and male upbringing. Ambitious girls grow up to become ambitious mature women and then they probably face the main difficulty of this text for the first time.


Women who are not characterized as ambitious may live more simply. Perhaps they are more adaptable to all new life roles. A mother doesn’t have to be ambitious, she has more time to spend with her family. A wife is more practical if she is not ambitious, but ambition is more fitting for a man. The friend is ambitious and is highly appreciated for that, but she doesn’t have time to hang out like she used to. I am ambitious and there is so much I could and would like to do and achieve if only the day were longer.

Traditional and feminine lengths, white collar with clear edges, deep cuffs, strict and simple form of the models from the new collection depict and defend the social necessity of the burden that ambition carries. The structure of cashmere, which is the basic material of the collection, gives importance to all those tenderness’s that an ambitious woman always carries in herself and with her. Simple designs symbolize the absence of extreme transformation and refinement in the growing up of a lady.


Ambitious women may change the world. Each a little, each in their own sphere of action. Each one with imagination and love that does not burn. An ambitious woman creates new opportunities both for herself and for society. An ambitious woman is happy when she achieves even the smallest success of collective importance. An ambitious woman will make the most of the intellectual capacity she has been given. She will surprise, she will exceed expectations. The fear of a woman who captivates with ambition subsides. Guided by ambition, a woman is self-confident and fearless. Ambition reddens the cheeks and makes a woman sexier.

Every bold detail on the models from the new collection seems to have been plucked at random. It’s as if something is missing, and that’s why the creation is complete. A bare shoulder, an exposed back, lapels, the reverse side of men’s suits are only part of the symbols of courage and fearlessness of female strength.

While watching the development of the latest autumn/winter Mokosh collection, we cannot help but ask ourselves at least one of the mentioned questions from the text. All of us with our answers and diversity in life experiences know at least one thing, this is how ambitious women in Serbia dress in 2024.


Your Mokosh.

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