Is ambition a burden or a strength?

Is it ambition that forces women in Serbia to free themselves from all restraints and brakes towards the best version of themselves, or is ambition holding us back from being free and satisfied in all spheres of life?

The new collection of the Mokoš brand finds its inspiration precisely in this characteristic of a woman. Mokoš decided to shape female ambition into strict forms, and to expose it to risky details. Every bold detail on the models from the new collection seems to have been plucked at random. It is as if something is missing, and therefore the creation is finished. A bare shoulder, an exposed back, lapels, the back of men’s suits are only part of the symbols of courage and fearlessness of female strength. Traditional and feminine lengths, white collar with clear edges, deep cuffs, strict and simple form of the models from the new collection depict and defend the social necessity of the burden that ambition carries. The structure of cashmere, which is the basic material of the collection, gives importance to all those tendernesses that an ambitious woman always carries in herself and with her. Simple patterns symbolize the absence of extreme transformation and refinement in the growing up of a lady.



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