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Mokos fashion studio


Mokos is a fashion studio unofficially founded in 2019 in Pozarevac. Due to the health emergency that brought the world to a standstill, it officially begins work only in the fall of 2022. Mokos was led from idea to realization by a woman, although supported by women, still alone, named Danica Arsic.

The atelier itself was designed as a concept that provides refuge to all designers with a vision of handicrafts, style, uniqueness in high fashion. Initially on her own, Danica decided that in a city where style and culture were traditionally painted by the hand of a master Milena Pavlovic Barili would symbolically continue the cultivation of art through the design of high fashion clothing pieces that would partly serve as a canvas for the best painters who surround her. The models on which the brand was founded are personalized and unique, of high quality and made of the highest quality natural materials.

Before the studio itself gets its final location at street Lenjinova 8, in Pozarevac, under the roof of the old traditional house, Danica runs the business from the nearby “Podrumce”. „Podrumce“ will later remain known as a small space located in the basement of a nearby building, which emphasized Danica’s vision of revolt against kitsch in a special way.

Mokos collaborates with the best masters of their craft in designing, creating templates, and producing unique fashion clothing items. We are proud of the quality that each of our handmade products possesses, and beauty is certainly a previously fulfilled condition. Enjoy with us from the moment you imagine your wedding dress, when you find out that you will be someone’s made of honor, when you want uniform your bachelorette party with style. Share with us your fashion ideas for special occasions and give us a chance to implement them. Dream awake with Mokos whenever you want high-quality, high-style, special and different clothing editions. We are here for you to conquer the world with a dress, a jumpsuit, a set, a skirt, a suit, a coat, and first of all with your steps that wear it all.

Mokos is an atelier that is focused on the success of women, either through work within the brand itself or through the pleasures of its products. See the gallery of the latest photos to get a peek into our working and creative environment. Enjoy!


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